Bronx, NY – June 2019

Breckenridge has been appointed to represent Legacy Manufacturing in Florida. Legacy’s National Sales Manager, Jon Underwood announced the appointment.

Douglas Breckenridge has OVER 30 years of experience dedicated within the doors & hardware industry. He was born and raised in South Florida, and grew up loving the ocean and spent much of his life both above and below the waterline either diving, boating and/or fishing. He is a second generation door and hardware salesman. His father covered the Florida sales territory from the early 1950s and well into the 1990s. After completing college and earning a BS degree in Economics and International Business, he was offered a sales position in the mid-1980s. Following this experience, Douglas and his father developed the representative agency, Breckenridge Group Inc. Since moving on from other door and hardware suppliers, Breckenridge Group Inc. has evolved and expanded into what is now their current product manufacturing offering. We are excited to welcome the newest member within the LEGACY MANUFACTURING family!

Please contact Douglas Breckenridge:


PO Box 5970 Lighthouse Point, Lighthouse Point, Florida 33074

(954) 214-0091

Legacy products are available through a nationwide network of representatives. For the names of Legacy reps in other areas, please visit our agency page.