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Legacy offers reliable, cost-effective flood barrier systems for openings that are exposed to high-water flooding.

When high water threatens, simply drop the barrier panel into the mounting channels and hand tighten the screw.  Panels can be removed just as easily for storage when not in use.

Custom threshold engraving is now available!

Custom threshold engraving is now available on all Legacy commercial thresholds. Our extensive product line includes hundreds of profiles offered in aluminum, bronze, stainless steel and more. Let our engineers work with your design team to create high-quality custom pieces for your project. We can create any vector, graphic, logo or text.

Automatic Door Bottom Testing - 3,000,000 cycles

Happening Now: 3,000,000 cycles and going strong... We're constantly testing our products to ensure durability and longevity.

Thermal Break Thresholds

Thermal break material is used where there is an opposition in temperature from one side of an opening to the other. Our thermal break thresholds are fitted with our own rubber composite at the center, designed to inhibit the transmission of thermal energy through the more conductive materials.

Mill Aluminum is the standard finish but we also have Architectural Bronze and powder coating finishes available.