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Automatic Door Bottoms
Legacy automatic door bottoms (ADBs) are designed and built using proprietary rubber and highest-quality housings for superior performance and durability, even under the most challenging installed conditions. The proof is in our exhaustive cycle testing in the lab. And the best measure of performance over many years in the field is the sound of silence from satisfied customers.

Legacy's ADB product line is unsurpassed in the industry for scope and versatility. Used primarily for blocking air, noise, smoke and fire, Legacy ADBs are also available for specialized applications, such as electrical actuation, X-ray protection or allowing free air flow. Additional options help specifiers optimize the utility of our models for specific applications, and we offer a wide range of anodized and powder-coated finishes. Recent enhancements provide simplified interior design for better service life and maintenance.

Patent-pending technology
The technology for reliable performance is the same for all standard Legacy ADBs. The rubber seal along the bottom of the unit is concealed when the door is open.
As the door closes, compression of a plunger against the door frame activates a flat spring mechanism that controls the drop of the seal. Operating from the hinge side to eliminate drag and resistance, the gasket drops down smoothly in a scissor-like motion creating an uninterrupted seal along the floor.
This self-leveling operation ensures a tight seal even on uneven surfaces. An adjustable brass hex nut attached to the plunger provides additional control to satisfy field conditions.

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