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Automatic Door Bottoms

Ultimate protection against air, fire, smoke, and noise. The self-leveling feature allows for a tight seal even when the floor is not parallel to the door.

Door Sweeps

Door Sweeps are used to seal the gap at the bottom of your door to prevent infiltration of sound, insects, light, drafts, moisture, smoke or fire.

Thresholds / Saddles

Our thresholds/saddles are applied to doorways to insulate the gap between door and floor or to create a transition between two-floor surfaces.

Architectural Door Seals

Also known as perimeter gasketing, our seals are mounted to the head and jamb of your door. They can be mechanically fastened or adjustable.

Meeting Stiles

Meeting Stiles are used to seal the clearance gap between a pair of doors. The astragal is installed vertically on either side of a pair of doors. 

Glass Door Solutions

Our pressure sensitive adhesive tape can be applied to many of our gasketing products. These are a great solution for conference rooms!

Cam Lift Hinges

The mortise cam lift hinge is a high precision investment stainless steel casting. This specially-designed hinge, uses a unique movement that helps the door achieve a higher STC rating. 

Continuous Hinges / Mounting Brackets

Continuous hinges distribute the weight of the door along the entire length of its frame by reducing the high stress normally associated with butt hinge applications.

Kerf Gasketing

Kerf gasketing products are mainly used on wooden frames. These products are primarily extruded in silicone and can be extruded in custom colors and shapes.

Gasketing Components

Legacy Manufacturing offers premium pile brushes, Roll-formed, spring bronze material, silicone, and foam gasketing options with PSA backing.

Door Flood Systems

Legacy’s Door Flood Barrier utilizes an innovative design that provides removable,  cost-efficient, and reliable flood protection for openings compatible with most buildings.

Sealing Systems

Browse just a few of our combined products that create systems to solve any of your door problems!

Intumescent Products (INTUFX)

Legacy's intumescent material expands rapidly when exposed to heat or high temperatures. This stops fire expansion through the gaps around doors.


ACS material is a product of advanced design made in a sheet form, with a combination of sound absorbing and sound deadening characteristics for improved STC ratings.

Legacy Catalog


Legacy Catalog

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Customization, manufacturing lead-time and product quality comprise the core benefits our customers receive by partnering with Legacy.

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Our products can be used in Hollow Metal Door Frames and Doors, Wood Doors, Specialty Doors. We have the unique experience and ability to work with custom fabricators to supply virtually any configuration of gasketing for special projects.

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