38763 – Rubber Grip Threshold (8″ by ¼″)


  • MA – Mill Aluminum

  • Mill Aluminum standard
  • RUB – Rubber Grip
  • This product includes a blend of recycled synthetic rubber, natural rubber, fabric, and wire, along with carbon black and other chemical compounds. They consist of a tread and a body that is bonded and locked into the aluminum tread base.
  • Flathead Zinc-plated screws – #10 x 1-1/2″

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Legacy Manufacturing is a young, resourceful company solidly rooted in almost 100 years of experience, innovation and advanced technology dedicated to providing superior sealing systems for architectural openings. Our engineered parts and systems offer proven solutions to the wide range of security and life safety challenges the building team faces to ensure reliable performance in those openings. And we offer an unequaled range of product features and options for maximum specification flexibility.

On-site manufacturing and proprietary processes enable us to provide the best-in-industry turnaround on parts orders. Hands-on manufacturing control also allows us to ensure consistent, unsurpassed quality in our products. We produce all rubber for our products at our plant in Ohio, making Legacy the only U.S. source in our industry for the high-quality rubber extrusions so critical to door sealing performance.

Custom orders are our special strength. We are uniquely equipped to respond promptly to specific architect or owner requirements and provide documented design solutions for your approval. Our turnaround on customized Legacy solutions is setting new standards for the industry— depending on those requirements, specification to shipment can take as little as two days.

Our capabilities and commitment also provide unique value to our OEM partners. Legacy engineers can assist you in developing proprietary OEM programs for integrated product design and independent laboratory testing. In addition to configuring sealing systems, including intumescent and high-performance acoustical applications, we are able to manufacture rubber formulations to customer specifications, or developed collaboratively.

Legacy’s comprehensive offering of parts and integrated systems shown in this catalog reflects a long tradition of expertise and responsiveness in problem-solving for the door and hardware industry. Above all, we place a premium on providing the expert support you expect and need. From answering basic product and installation questions to the most complex customization requirements, our friendly, highly-trained customer service team is standing by and ready to help.
Browse our commercial grade bronze and aluminum door thresholds in a variety of custom options, sizes, and styles. Our thresholds/saddles are applied to doorways to insulate the gap between door and floor or to create a transition between two-floor surfaces. Legacy manufacturing offers several options that allow the basic product to be customized to our clients’ specifications, including an innovative epoxy feature, which will provide anti-slip protection for exterior doors, photoluminescent and lead shields. In addition, we can provide a number of finishes such as polished bronze, that are frequently requested for openings where aesthetics play an important role. Threshold Categories include Aluminum & Bronze, Adjustable, Rabbeted Thresholds, Non-Slip Stair Nosing, Carpet Saddles, and Custom.

Legacy offers a growing list of products such as automatic door bottoms, thresholds, saddles, and more. Due to changing demand, we are always adding more to our line. Be sure to visit our products page for up to date product lists, cut sheets, drawings, and pages.
Legacy ensures the best products at the most prices on the market. We engineer and test our products for easy, exact, with you in mind. Since our #1 target is to provide products, we are constantly creating new solutions for you In addition, Legacy designs and develops all in New York, USA. Our standard towers over our competitors, making Legacy the choice for high and long life. 38763 Rubber Track Threshold Legacy has the best quality products at the most sensible prices on the market. We and test our products for easy, exact installation, with you in mind. Since our #1 target is to provide products, we are creating new for you. In addition, Legacy designs and develops all products in New York, USA. Our standard towers over our, making Legacy the choice for high and long life. 38763 Rubber Track Threshold
38763 Rubber Track Threshold