1359 – Cam Lift Mortised Hinge

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1359 Z953

  • Example Order: #1359MB-RH
  • Door Rating (1-1/2 pairs): Up to 300 lbs.
  • Screw Size (Metal Doors): 12-24 x 3/4″
  • Lift ( 180° opening): 1/4″
  • Includes all machine screws (24), and 1/2 wood screws (12)
  • All hinges are ANSI template

SS – Stainless Steel

Designed for sound-rated and other heavy doors up to 900 pounds. Manufactured from high precision stainless steel casting, the cam lift hinge provides a smooth 1/2 inch drop over a rotation of 180 degrees for superior sealing performance. Available for right or left-hand swinging doors. Sold in pairs. Please refer to each individual part for rating details.

The mortise cam lift hinge is a high precession investment stainless steel casting. It is designed to move the door upwards while swinging the door open and in reverse, it will bring the door down when closing it. The cam function of the hinge is to prevent the door from contacting the frame while opening. Cam lift hinges will not bind door closures when doors are hung within accepted industry standards.

This specially-designed movement of the hinge, lifting and lowering the door with the swing helps the door achieving higher STC rating. This occurs due to greater contact with the acoustical gasketing, making a better and tighter door seal.

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Kerf Gasketing

Kerf Gasketing is customizable and specifiable. Kerf gasketing products are mainly used on wooden frames. These products are primarily extruded in silicone and can, therefore, be extruded in multiple different colors. Legacy’s kerf gasketing is used to protect the opening against water, draft, and sound.


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1359- Cam Lift Mortised Hinge