Signs & Marking

Our line of photoluminescent products provides all the marking systems and signage needed to comply with the nation’s most demanding codes and standards for photoluminescent exit path markings. Photoluminescent material is charged by exposure to ambient light and emits luminescence after the activating light source is no longer available.

Legacy’s photoluminescent signs and marking systems satisfy New York City’s Building Code Standard RS 6-1/1A to facilitate safe emergency exits during building evacuations when power and back-up power systems have failed.

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Photoluminescent Epoxy Abrasive –
Specify PEA

Our PEA (Epoxy abrasive) is the perfect non-slip option that combines the durability of our epoxy with the added safety of glow-in-the-dar technology. Specify PEA when purchasing your thresholds to include this feature. PEA is an abrasive traction infused with epoxy abrasive photoluminescent tread. Commonly used on indoor applications on staircases. We provide non-slip stair nosings that follow New York City Standard RS 6-1/1a and other building code standards for photoluminescent exit path markings. Profiled grooves with rubber or epoxy inserts provide durable, attractive surfaces that do not collect dirt or water. The 1.25-inch wide photoluminescent tread is integrated into the outer three grooves along stair edges. Available in standard aluminum finish, Traction Tread nosings are designed for easy cutting and drilling on site.