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Customization, product quality, and the best lead-time in the industry are the benefits our customers receive by partnering with Legacy.

Legacy’s product line is focused on architectural gasketing, thresholds and other custom solutions that are specifically designed for use in the commercial architectural openings industry. Our talented engineers, efficient processes and passion for the industry have converged to create a dynamic new approach to the design and manufacture of these products.

With our team’s unique combination of skills and experience that are essential in this highly specialized field, our custom gasketing solutions are continually sought after by the architectural openings industry. Legacy is strategically poised to rapidly provide our customers with quality, fully-customizable products. Our investments in both highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art machinery enable us to deliver beyond the industry standard and surpass our customers’ expectations. In addition, Legacy designs and develops all products in New York, USA.

At Legacy, our primary goal is to provide professional expertise, quality life safety and security gasketing solutions to customers around the globe. Let us help you find the best solution for your next project.

Thresholds / Saddles

Browse our commercial grade bronze and aluminum door thresholds in a variety of custom options, sizes, and styles. Our thresholds/saddles are applied to doorways to insulate the gap between door and floor or to create a transition between two-floor surfaces. Legacy manufacturing offers several options that allow the basic product to be customized to our clients’ specifications, including an innovative epoxy feature, which will provide anti-slip protection for exterior doors, photoluminescent and lead shields. In addition, we can provide a number of finishes such as polished bronze, that are frequently requested for openings where aesthetics play an important role. Threshold Categories include Aluminum & Bronze, Adjustable, Rabbeted Thresholds, Non-Slip Stair Nosing, Carpet Saddles, and Custom.

Legacy Manufacturing offers a wide array of “Adjustable Thresholds” which can be mixed and matched to solve a variety of sill conditions. The product is mainly offered in aluminum however Legacy does have some of these profiles in an architectural bronze as well. Architects can find specifiable options with different finishes and fillers based on the condition of the opening. Some of the options include a rubber grip and an epoxy abrasive filler. If you can’t find it anywhere else, you can find it at Legacy!

Thermal break material is used where there is an opposition in temperature from one side of an opening to the other. Our thermal break thresholds are fitted with our own rubber composite at the center, designed to inhibit the transmission of thermal energy through the more conductive materials.