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Jacob Wexler began working at his father’s gasketing company at a very young age. Over time, he developed a true passion for the industry, particularly the areas of acoustical and fire-rated doors. After 10 years of gaining certifications and invaluable experience, he launched his own firm - Legacy Manufacturing, LLC, with the goal of providing a high-quality, customer experience to those looking for specialty gasketing solutions.

As the owner and Product/Business Development Manager for Legacy, Wexler is involved in every aspect of daily operations, from engineering analysis and design to customer consultations and support. Having obtained his certification as a Fire and Egress Door Assembly Inspector (FDAI) from the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), he is authorized to perform and document the inspections of fire-rated door assemblies that are now required annually in jurisdictions that have adopted the 2007 edition of NFPA 80, Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives. Additionally, Wexler is certified as an Intertek Qualified Person (IQP) for inspecting installed fire door assemblies.

Wexler’s certifications and experience enable Legacy to provide a variety of services to assist building owners, specification writers, architects and acoustic designers looking for code-compliant solutions. With a wide range of American made products - automatic door bottoms, lead-lined applications, acoustical applications, electronic gasketing, and fire-rated applications - Legacy is uniquely capable of meeting the needs of its clients, from the most basic to highly customized design requests.

To learn more details about how Jacob Wexler and Legacy Manufacturing can assist with your next project, call +1(718)292-9333 or email contact@legacyllc.com.

As your needs grow,
so do our product offerings.


Our products can be used towards various:

  • Hollow Metal Door Frames
  • Wood Doors
  • Specialty Doors

We have the unique experience and ability to work with custom fabricators to supply virtually any configuration of gasketing for special projects.

OUR Services

Legacy provides a wide range of quality services for its clients. Here is just a sampling of the work we provide:

  • Consulting Engineering and detailing projects
  • Technical support / product expertise
  • Field measuring (upon request)
  • Coordinating project schedules
  • Quick shipping material in 5, 10, or 15 business days
  • Fire Door Inspections
Legacy Manufacturing LLC is a new company with old experience.

We are working hard to prove to our new customers that outstanding quality, and customer service is mandatory in our industry. Our Southern Bronx location allows us to serve the local area in a convenient way. Legacy Manufacturing will provide a high quality custom service to those in need for gasketing solutions. Our products range from automatic door bottoms, lead-line applications, acoustical applications, and fire-rated applications. We serve our clients with the most basic needs, to highly customized design requests. We are prepared to meet your specific requirements, as well as assist with the design of all architectural openings. Our products and materials are 99% American made.

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